< Ingleborough   ~ Standing within the Yorkshire Dales National Park at 723 metres, Ingleborough can be reached by various routes from Clapham. ~ At the summit, views are stunning, looking across to Ribblehead Viaduct, to Whernside and Pen-y-ghent and southwest to the sea. ~ Strangely, the summit is flat and was a hill fort when the Brigantes resisted the Roman invaders.
 ~ As with any walk, respect the hill and equip yourself properly. Get a weather forecast here.

< Limestone Country  ~ Miles of dry stone walls enclose the fields. Great grey cliffs stand above the dales and below Ingleborough. ~ Limestone pavements weathered to look like the sea provide a home in their grykes or cracks for ferns and other damp loving plants. ~ A variety of bird life can be seen. In the air are buzzards, wheatears, curlews and lapwings, while dippers run and swim up the becks.
< Norber Boulders   ~ Twelve thousand years ago, glaciers scooped up massive Silurian rocks from the floor of Crummackdale and carried them uphill to Norber where they were left when the ice retreated.  ~ Now this sea of erratic boulders covers the landscape, some perched on plinths of limestone.  
< Trow Gill  ~ The melt waters of the Ice Age created this spectacular ravine. It makes a good turning round point for a short walk or pass through it to reach Gaping Gill where Fell Beck falls 104 metres into a chamber said to be large enough to hold York Minster.
 ~ On the two main Bank Holidays, local caving clubs, who are very active throughout the year, offer to winch members of the public down, and up!
 ~ Based in the village is the Cave Rescue Organisation which serves people and animals above and below ground across a wide area of the Dales.
< Ingleborough Cave   ~ Conducted tours lead you through a most exciting and beautiful underground world of stalactites and stalagmites, sculpted by nature over millions of years.
 ~ See the Elephant's Legs and Tail, the Skittles and Pillar Hall. The cave is open most of the year, but check by phoning 015242 51242.  Click here to go to the Cave web-site.
< Nature Trail   ~ The Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail leads you from the old sawmill, past the lake, and up the valley through woodland and wild flowers, until you come into open space below Thwaite Scars, very close to Ingleborough Cave. ~ Since the trail's creation in 1970, it has continued to mark the conservation of woodland and celebrates Reginald Farrer (1880-1920) who introduced many alpine species from China, Tibet and Upper Burma. ~ The trail includes an amazing collection of rhododendrons.  Click here for a map.  
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